Oakland’s Most Decorated Officers Responsible for High Number of Brutality Lawsuits, Shootings

Abraham Hyatt | April 2, 2014

Oakland Spent $74 Million Settling 417 Police Brutality Lawsuits

Abraham Hyatt | April 9, 2014

In Oakland, Fighting Police Abuse Alone Is An Uphill Battle

Laura McCamy | April 15, 2014

Oakland Police Department Wrongful Shooting Death Settlements, 1990-2014

Are we missing a case? Let us know! Oakland Police Department Wrongful Shooting Death Settlements, 1990-2014 Officers Named in Lawsuit Plaintiff Date Filed Settlement Case Summary Andrew P Koponen, Timothy R Scarrott Josefina Wilkins, Kely Wilkins, William Randolph Wilkins, William Alberto Wilkins, Fernando Wilkins, CSAA Inter-Insurance Bureau, Qiang Guan 4/10/2001 $3,500,000 Oakland City Attorney’s case […]

The Convoluted, Controversial Path of a 9-1-1 Call in Oakland

As the most prominent face of the city’s emergency response, the Oakland Police Department takes the blame for a disturbing accusation made by many in East and West Oakland: Because of their race and where they live, when they dial 9-1-1 it takes police, ambulance and fire crews much longer to respond compared to other parts of the city.

But the OPD is only one part of that process. In a detailed and startling documentary, KALW’s Managing Editor Martina Castro and reporter Ali Budner investigate why the delays exist.

Data Dump: Salary Data For 2,909 Oakland Police Department Employees

How much more did former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan make compared to his predecessor, Anthony Batts? What was the largest salary that an Oakland Police Department employee earned in the last 13 years? How many fewer people were on the OPD’s payroll in 2012 than 2008?

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Dixon v. City of Oakland et al
(Download Complaint)
  ‣ 05/30/2014 - Stipulation And (Proposed) Order To Settle Case

Clay v. City of Oakland et al
(Download Complaint)
  ‣ 05/29/2014 - Letter from defendants' City of Oakland re: Settlement Conference

Herd v. City of Oakland et al
(Download Complaint)
  ‣ 05/28/2014 - Answer To Amended Complaint

Van Dusen v. City of Oakland et al
(Download Complaint)
  ‣ 05/28/2014 - Order Staying Case Pending Criminal Trial

Ross v. City Of Oakland
(Download Complaint)
  ‣ 05/28/2014 - Order Granting Motion To Dismiss

Estate of Fletcher Jackson et al v. City of Oakland et al
(Download Complaint)
  ‣ 05/21/2014 - Order Granting Stipulation To Continue Case Management Conference